For as long as I can remember, I knew it was important for people to find a safe outlet for emotion and creativity. I knew that it was important to create a sacred space within and without, in order to face life's obstacles with grace. For myself, that outlet had always consistently been creating art and escaping reality through books to help cope with the impacts of PTSD and depression. It was until 2003, while I was part of a non-profit organization called Peace4Kids in Los Angeles, CA; that I was first exposed to the benefits of Yoga and meditation by Yogi and volunteer Kim Berner. From then on, the seed was planted and the practice became something I wanted to learn more about and begin exploring at an early age.






“YOGA is a reminder that no matter what chaos life brings to the table, we can always find refuge and healing in calming the mind... and harmony through mastering our breath.” — Ebony T. Perry


(Continued from above): From what introductory information I absorbed at that age, Yoga had already inspired me to take better care of myself and become vegetarian,  it helped my body feel strong and properly conditioned when I was practicing ballet, it alleviated the symptoms of back pain from scoliosis and chronic migraines I suffered from at the time, it taught me self-discipline, and it helped me to cope with a majority of the stress I would be facing in the years ahead. It was until high school that I began to see Yoga as more than "just a workout" and began using it to supplement my little ritual of escaping to my room to drink tea and create art. Even then, having sensed something deeper in Yoga- little did I know how the practice would continue to come into my life, time and time again like a sign- throughout college and even after graduation.

It was actually after having graduated University (2014), when I was feeling lost in life, that I picked up where I left off and found the practice to be even more physically, spiritually and psychologically supportive during this difficult transitional period. That is when the message finally clicked, and I decided to further integrate yoga into my lifestyle and art practice.  I decided I wanted to become a teacher and share this gift with others, not just because of the creativity it unlocks- but because of the holistic power it has to completely transform perspective and bring balance. Fast-forward to the Fall of 2016, life granted me a window of opportunity to earn my 200-RYT certification and after considering one last time, I finally decided to stop oscillating and went for it!

I decided to study Classical Yoga at the Long Beach School of Yoga (LBSOY) and trained under Ram Bhakt ( E-RYT 500 | Founder of LBSOY), and I am infinitely grateful that I did. The training was beautiful, authentic, intensive and unlocked a deeper understanding about the theories and practices of : Asana (Yoga postures), Meditation, Mantra work (for focus in meditation), Pranayama (Yogic breath regulation techniques), Ayurveda (the traditional Hindu system of medicine), Yogic philosophy, anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology, professional ethics, the different lineages and styles of Yoga, the Sutras of Patanjali (translated by Sri Swami Satchidananda), and much more.

After completing my training and receiving my certification in the winter of 2016, I can wholeheartedly say that everything I experienced fully opened my eyes to the heart of Yoga and its ability to activate energy and spirit through unlocking Prana.  It added fuel to the passion I have in order to continue healing, transforming, creating, and inspiring.

In essence, this ancient practice has liberated me in countless ways and helped me to find a strong sense of peace and joy through the release of toxic energies and negative fluctuations of the mind. This is the reason why I continue to dive deeper into using art and mindfulness to make a positive impact in other people's lives and my own.

The journey continues... Namaste!


Sometimes we don't have the right words, thoughts, actions, or energy to cope with life's challenges and the circumstances we face. We often need a way to take that negative energy (stress), filter it through a practice, and use it to create something beautiful, begin to heal or express ourselves. 

As an artist and creator, the practices of Yoga and meditation have helped me to navigate through the impacts of trauma, depression, anxiety and ego (any negative blockages in the mind, body, and spirit) that could otherwise normally take over, form a creative barrier and keep me in a state of stagnation. Because the practice of Yoga teaches us that all of the tools we need, already dwell within…it gives us the clarity to see our strengths, commit to unlocking them and nurturing them in order to manifest our life's potential through harmony, positive psychology, and full awareness of the breath “Prana.” 

There is hardly one benefit of Yoga. Rather, the benefits of Yoga are almost too numerous to speak of. Here are just a few of the marvelous things Yoga can do for you:

• Relieve stress

• Provide inner peace, calm and authentic happiness

• Increase your strength through physical conditioning

• Aid in weight loss and weight management

• Increase your overall energy

• Improve your sleep

• Heighten your mental and intuitive awareness

• Aid in brain synchronization and brain fitness

• Provide whole body detoxification