About Ebony


Ebony T. Perry is an interdisciplinary artist born in Santa Monica, CA and raised in San Pedro, CA. She specializes in the visual and performing arts. Ebony holds a B.A. in Media Studies with a concentration in Digital Art and Design, and an A.A. in Theatre Arts (Acting & Production) from Marymount California University.

Always having been invigorated by crossing the boundaries between traditional art and digital media– Ebony continues to produce creative content for, consult for, collaborate on and direct several freelance art and design projects as part of her personal practice and trade.

Her own artwork is predominantly inspired by reflections on journeying, dreams, poetry and music, trauma healing, the cosmos, symbolism and life-shaping experiences. Themes that continually awaken her curiosity and prompt her to explore new ways of storytelling, consist of topics circling the humanities, promoting peace, and finding liberation through imagination and creativity. 

With her versatile background and profound passion for wisdom and expression; Ebony seeks to continue generating unique and meaningful art content that enkindles deep-rooted thought and inspiration.



• Ebony is also a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) who studied under Ram Bhakt (Founder of the Long Beach School of Yoga).

• During her time as a student at Marymount California University (2010-2014), she was heavily involved in community, exhibitions, gallery preparation and design, studio art, theatre, acting and independent filmmaking. She also developed her skills and impacted the San Pedro art scene with internships and work at the Grand Vision Foundation, MCU Arcade Gallery, Angels Gate Cultural Center, and a spot in the prestigious J. Paul Getty Multicultural Internship program. After completing her undergraduate internship with the J. Paul Getty Foundation in 2014 and doing freelance artwork for non-profit organizations, galleries, and other private clients in the creative and community sectors- she was offered a position at Marymount California University; where she worked as an Arts & Media Gallery Manager for 3 years. During her time there, she continued to sharpen her skills by helping curate, put on numerous exhibitions, coordinate for film festivals, lectures, and other exciting public arts events. 

• In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, teaching/facilitating community art and Yoga workshops, exploring music, and participating in productions, exhibitions, and festivals.


"Let nothing dim the light that shines from within."  - Maya Angelou