Discarded History (Mixed Media Sculpture)

This mixed-media sculpture, is composed of discarded books that I purchased from an annual sale at my University’s library. The books I used to create this sculpture, include texts that provide detailed accounts of slavery, the rise of the cotton kingdom, and the “Adventures of America 1857-1900.” I used pages from these books- to not only create a scene detailing the historic “Trail of Tears,” surrounded by symbolic objects alluding to America; but to also remind people of all those who sacrificed their lives and their freedoms to constitute the country. The purpose of this sculpture, is to honor, acknowledge, and preserve the stories, sacrifices, and memories of these people in the face of erasure; to breathe new life and purpose into these important artifacts that carry their accounts and survived abandonment. My desire, is that this piece sparks new discussions of solutions to break the repetitive chain of injustice that exists within the infrastructure of our society, and inspire actions to help us achieve true equality and equity.

• Film installation and poetry: “The Story My candle Will Tell” by Ebony T. Perry

Photos by Spencer Carey © 2017 | Scarey Designs